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Specializing in sports betting, BettingTric’s mission is to give assistance to bettors, no matter what sport they like or bookmakers they use.  Equipped with a real-time odds comparator, in total agreement with the various sports betting sites, but also with a powerful Livescore, the site offers three main areas of content, designed to make life easier for betting fans: 

  • Sports predictions
  • The Guide’s advice
  • Test bookmakers

Our editorial policy

For each content, a precise methodology is adopted.

Sports Preditions

Since the website was launched in 2005, the publication of sports predictions has been a central and key element of the BettingTric offer. With more than a million predictions published since the site was launched, BettingTric’s experience and expertise on the subject is highly impressive. It allows us to offer content that is increasingly reliable when it comes to predicting the results of sporting events. Whether it be football, tenis, basketball or rugby, no major sport is absent.

In order to offer a more sensible and objective prediction service, the site’s various editors first carry out a global analysis of the sporting event. This covers everything from statistical data, probabilities or even the human aspect. We also offer an analysis of the odds offered by bookmakers, and finally, thirdly, the complete writing of the sports preview.

These previews are then reviewed by the people in charge of the different language versions and published on the site. These are accessible to all visitors and can be viewed entirely free of charge. This is a methodology that allows BettingTric to publish reliable, objective, and thoughtful predictions on dozens of matches every day.

The Guide’s Tips

In addition to sports predictions, the BettingTric site also offers articles written about the global online betting environment. These can be found in the “Sports Betting Guide” section of the site. These well-regarded articles take the form of Frequently Asked Questions and give dozens of tips to sports betting fans.

Written by online betting experts, who have been working in the field for an average of 15 years, these articles aim to guide beginners as well as regular bettors. In this context, the editorial approach is also transparent. Each writer tests the subject on which he or she is writing in advance. they carry out extensive research and this helps them produce an informative preview.  This approach reflects the essence of BettingTric.

The Bookmakers Tests

This is the third major focus of the site, BettingTric offers tests and opinions on the various online betting sites, with a view to establishing rankings that are 100% objective. They are always validated by a panel of specialists. Bwin, 22bet, Bet365, William Hill, Betway, 1xbet: all are screened by BettingTric specialists.

In order to offer you detailed and systematically updated information sheets, the methodology is also strict, This begins with the first phase of analysis by an expert and validation of the feedback by other specialists on the site, This is followed by a second phase of writing pages looking at all aspects of the site. The third and final phase is the constant updating of the content. 

Every day, the BettingTric team verifies that the site’s content is always up to date in order to provide readers with the most relevant and accurate information. It is this impartiality and concern for verification that allows the site to offer content that is always reliable and verified.

Our commitments to our users

Within the framework of the content offered on the site, each BettingTric editor commits to clear commitments, which are essential to the success of our offer. Here are the most important ones.

Expertise and professionalism

Recruited for their talent and experience, all the site’s editors have been experts in sports betting for many years. Whether we’re talking about bookmakers’ expertise or impeccable sports culture, each one is committed to sharing his or her know-how with readers.


In order to offer content that is ever more coherent and close to reality, BettingTric experts make it a point of honor to always remain objective. The keyword in our predictions is impartiality. Our editors’ commitment to the site’s predictions and advice will never be favored. Even when it means placing a bet against the team they support.


While our editors are committed to remaining objective in their analyses, this does not prevent them from being true enthusiasts, quite the contrary. At BettingTric, sport is at the heart of our business. Sport is our passion. Regardless of the discipline or the way in which we live our passion, all of our editors are true sports enthusiasts.


In order to provide you with the best possible content, BettingTric is constantly looking for new solutions. Regularly, adjustments are made to our methodology and the site is improved. The objective is clear: to offer you the best content on the theme, through a fluid and 100% intuitive site. The experience of our users remains our top priority.

Listen to

In this quest to constantly improve and to offer the best possible service, we also place emphasis on listening to our readers and our various partners. For BettingTric, it is essential to take everyone’s comments into account. This is the working methodology used by our team.

Respect for the legal environment

Sports betting is a domain strictly regulated by the law, and for each version of the site, the conditions dictated by the different regulatory bodies in the country are strictly applied.

In France, for example, the conditions set by the ANJ are strictly respected, as are those of the BAGO in Belgium, the Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom, AAMS in Italy, and the BOE in Spain. 

Thanks to a unique geolocation system set up on the BettingTric site, users are never exposed to a bookmaker who does not have a valid licence in his country of residence.

Fight against addiction

Sports betting can, unfortunately, become the object of addictive behavior. BettingTric joins forces with sports betting sites in the fight against online gambling malpractices. BettingTric supports responsible gambling. At any time, you can find a list of organizations that can help you via the Dependency section. Sports betting should never become dangerous for you and your friends and family.

Our Team

BettingTric has always relied on sports betting specialists who are passionate about sports and determined to pass on their know-how to beginners. The site is proud to count on them.

Valeria Di Meglio ,Content Manager – English Version

Valeria has worked for the BettingTric site since 2007 and has over ten years of experience in web publishing around sports betting and other topics. Every day, with her team, she makes sure to offer reliable content and is committed to improving beginners as well as confirmed as best as possible. Passionate about football, she is particularly keen to make readers shine on the discipline. Valeria is also Head of the international country manager team.

What our readers say

Because the opinion of our readers remains at the heart of our success, here are a few comments found on specialized sites.

“BettingTric offers incredible bookmaker cards, it evaluates about a hundred sites with selective criteria, we can say that bettors will be spoilt for choice.” John

“The scores, stats, and ribs in one place are great, and the live score is super fast.” Manu

“I don’t always agree with the published predictions, but overall they are reliable.” Luis

“I used the BettingTric guide to start sports betting. Now I know how to bet, and how to spot interesting odds.” Andrea

“I received €120 instead of €100 at Unibet with the BettingTric coupon code. Thanks a lot!” David

“With the help of BettingTric’s predictions, I had a great time during the World Cup.” Juliette

How do we make money?

BettingTric is a sports information medium on the Internet. In order to offer quality content, we receive advertising on our websites and mobile applications.

If you would like to know more about how BettingTric is paid, we invite you to consult our advertising charter.

Write for us

Attentive to the evolution of its offer, BettingTric is always looking for talented, experienced writers with a specialization in online betting. If you think you meet our quality standards, start the conversation via our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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