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Updated on September 09, 2021

BettingTric is a sports information medium on the Internet. In order to offer quality content, we offer companies the opportunity to advertise on our websites and mobile applications.

We have written this charter so that we can be transparent in the way we write content and how advertising is included on our website. We hope that this policy will allow you to have a transparent view of our services and the content we provide.

BettingTric accepts advertising on all its sites. We try, as far as possible, to integrate advertising as much as possible so as not to interfere with the use of the service and the reading of our content.

Particular attention is paid to the presentation of the advertisement so that it does not interfere with the reading experience. Particular attention is paid to both the design of our pages and the number of advertisements placed on a single page. 

As a general rule, when an advertisement is in the content or service, it will be marked off: 

  • either by a different color, 
  • or through a different space. 

For text advertising links, before we refer you to a partner site, we indicate by a buffer page that you have clicked on an advertising link.

The rankings, the order of the tables can be influenced by the different advertising partnerships we have with those concerned.

Please also note that the rankings and table order are not always exhaustive. Mostly,  only those that we have a commercial relationship with are listed in the rankings/tables on our sites.

The periodicity and method of updating the data depend either on commercial negotiations or on objective qualitative and quantitative criteria associated with the offeror product of our partners.

Our commercial agreements include clauses allowing us to use visual elements such as logos, advertising banners, or other graphic creations. These elements are intellectual property belonging to our commercial partners.

The latter, through our commercial agreements, give us the right to display on our sites certain elements from their intellectual property. This includes logos and/or advertising graphics.  Under no circumstances will these elements be considered as part of our intellectual property.

Most of our advertising revenue comes from performance advertising. In this case, our commercial agreements with our partners are based on a variable compensation based on specific actions. 

For example, this is often generated by a click of the Internet user from our websites to the partner’s website. Our partners, therefore, provide us with a tracked hyperlink, which enables us to link the action of the Internet user who clicks on this hyperlink to the partner site that caused it. The partner’s cookie is then deposited on the Internet user’s browser from the moment he clicks on this hyperlink.

We suggest that you consult our charter on the use of data and cookies here to find out more.

How to contact us

If you have any questions about this policy or our privacy practices, you may contact us.

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